The Tour is self-guided with hostess/host at each property. Our guests are responsible for driving to each of the locations. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Four of the homes are within walking distance of each other and we recommend walking to take them in. Parking options are shown on the map as well. If you are unable to walk, there is on street parking by the properties. It is first come, first served. Keep in mind that these properties are older homes; the Annie Beck House is one hundred years old and the Marshall is not far behind. The Annie home has irregular surfaces, dirt walkway, stairs and narrow steps. As a result, disability access is limited at some of the properties. Four of the properties do have handicap accessibility; once inside, the property access is limited because of the age of the properties.

We recommend you check in at the Annie Beck House first in Middle River Terrace Park. Because of the self-guided nature of the tour, however, you are free to start wherever you choose (refer to map).

 Our suggested self-guided route is:

Annie Beck south to Needham Estate, continue south over the Third Avenue Bridge turn left on NE 7th St to the entrance of Rio Vista travel east to NE 9th Avenue turn left travel to the river and Rio Vista Blvd. Leave Rio Vista the same way you entered travel west on NE 7th to NW 4th Avenue turn right (north) onto NW 4th Ave to W Las Olas Blvd turn left to the Fire House leave the Fire house travel to Riverside Park cross the Swing Bridge another historic landmark enter Riverside Park the Marshall House is on 1130 SW 6th Street on the south side of the park.
All properties are landmarked with three balloons.

Refer to map or smart phone map app for all property locations. We strongly recommend using your smart phone to guide you for the best possible results in travel time.

This just in!


The Sun Trolley continuous loop has just been added to the self-guided tour.  You still have the option of the self-guided tour by using our recommended map order, beginning and ending wherever is convenient for you.  Please note that four of the eight properties are in Rio Vista and are in walking distance of each other.  In addition, you may park at the Annie Beck House in Middle River Terrace Park, pick up the trolley there and continue on to the other seven properties.  The trolley will start at 3pm at the Annie Beck House and do a continues loop of all the properties enabling you to visit the Annie Beck House at the beginning or at the conclusion of the tour.
Please keep in mind that the trolley runs continuously which means you may have to wait several minutes before it comes back around again to your stop.
Thank you and we hope this additional option is helpful; enjoy the tour!


The price of admission is $40.00 plus a nominal service fee for Eventbrite and includes eight properties.


Due to the fundraising nature of the Holiday Home Tour, we do not offer refunds.